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What if you had the ability to release years of stress, rewire your brain for optimal performance, and experience a deeper connection to your soul so you can live in the sweet spot of life? With the Simplicity of Stillness (SOS) Method, you can do experience these powerful changes and more… The SOS Method is a comprehensive, yet simple method for activating the vital life Energy that accesses deep peace and infinite intelligence.


3 Elements of The SOS Method:


SOS Audio Technology activates Subtle Energies (SE) that accesses deep peace and infinite intelligence. (experience)

SOS Teachings are a blueprint for living at your highest potential. They combine knowledge from modern scientific research, ancient wisdom, and healing traditions. (knowledge)

SOS Tools develop conscious habits to integrate this advanced life Energy into daily life. (behavior)

This scientifically researched process has evidenced rapid, long lasting mental, emotional, and physical healing in over a decade of case studies, and is practiced around the globe today from business and healing professionals to Buddhist monks and children. The Simplicity of Stillness redefines “stillness” for our digital age. This engaging, experiential method activates an accelerated healing Energy that accesses immense vitality as well as inner peace within the action of everyday.

Stillness Sessions®

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Stillness Sessions are audio recordings that activate vital life Energy, accessing deep peace and infinite intelligence through sound resonance. Marlise Karlin was inspired to use the latest principles of sound resonance to develop Stillness Sessions, audio recordings of music and words that expand the conscious life Energy in you.

What is so extraordinary with Stillness Sessions is that:YOUR MIND DOES NOT HAVE TO BECOME STILL FOR IT TO WORK.

You don’t have to hope something will happen. What you experience and what begins to occur in your life tells you what you want to know. Stillness Sessions create clarity and calm, release anxiety and stress, and connect you to your highest potential simply and consistently.


Whether you struggle to meditate or are a lifelong meditator, Stillness Sessions are so rapidly impactful and so enjoyable motivation becomes a thing of the past. They can be easily integrated into your existing practice, or can become your core connection tool.

Stillness Sessions provide a variety of benefits in 4, 7, 11, 18 minutes and longer:
• Deep State Stillness
• Sacred Word Prayers
• Elevate Sessions
• DNA Harmonizing

Stillness Sessions impact your life from the first time you listen. Get a FREE Audio Technology Sample and listen to a healing session immediately.

The SOS Teachings


The Simplicity of Stillness Teachings are a blueprint for living at your highest potential. They are a comprehensive integration of ancient wisdom, healing traditions, and modern scientific knowledge, with evidence from over a decade of case studies, synthesized in a compelling and relevant manner to answer the challenges of today.

Knowledge calms and expands the mind allowing openness for the support of new life choices. When subconscious limiting beliefs play like a tape recording in the mind – finding evidence that reinforces new understanding from conscious awareness is key.

Learn a SOS Teaching Now: Teaching from The Power of Peace in You

The SOS Tools


The Simplicity of Stillness Tools develop conscious habits to integrate this accelerated Energy into every day. They support and ground your connection to the Energy of infinite intelligence to maintain an expansive state of awareness throughout the day.

Quite naturally, when people apply The SOS Practices, they find that life becomes less of a struggle – it’s easier to stay focused on what you really want out of life, without being derailed by daily challenges. These practices are incorporated so rapidly and effortlessly they cease to be practices at all; they become conscious habits, the way you live your life.

Apply The SOS Practices now: The Power of Peace in You, Opening to Love, 3 Steps To Peace and Ignite The Light

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